Highlights from the week’s juvenile justice and justice related articles, reports, videos and more that are worth your time.

OP-ED: Thoughtful, Innovative Intervention for Kids in New York Pays Off

At age 14, Maria was assigned to a Community Reinvestment Alternative to Detention program in New York instead of being confined in a detention facility. As we would have guessed, keeping kids like Maria in community-based programs as opposed to cells pays off and allows for a truly meaningful exchange between kids and the justice system.  The psychological, financial, and therapeutic benefits of this approach have “prompted a shift in thinking, providing a clear light of hope for youth and their families who are most in need of our help.”

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Released ‘Three Strikes’ Have Low Repeat Offense Rate

Nearly a year after California reformed the state’s three strikes law, we have a report on exactly how the release of formerly detained three strikers is panning out. So far, the outcome fared remarkably well: “with an average of 4.4 months of time out of prison…less than two percent re-offended.” Though some speculate a celebration over these results is premature, it is great to see that the softening of policy does not lead to mayhem–especially for those formerly condemned to life sentences.

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Getting My Mugger to Explain Why

Tom Symonds, a reporter from across the pond, gives us a play-by-play of his encounter with restorative justice. Honest and intriguing, the article gives a firsthand account of his experience and how it felt to try and correct the behavior of someone who robbed you at knifepoint.

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The Gun Report: September 11, 2013

The September 11th report of shooting victims in the U.S. The Gun Report is posted every day by Joe Nocera on the NY Times blog. A harrowing look at what guns do, every day.

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