via the New York Times: “After the Violence the Rest of Their Lives”

We know this is from November 5th… but it’s such a good read and just in case you missed it… The article is about a research project that has closely followed for two decades the lives over 1,800 youths who grew up in Chicago and “offers a portrait of both the perpetrators and the victims in struggling, gang-ridden neighborhoods.”

via the NY Times, an Editorial: “How to Cut Prison Costs”

The U.S collectively spends more than $52 billion annually on prison costs. This quick read from last week’s Sunday Review is a good refresher on some of the creative ways states can decrease these costs, while helping make sure that people who are released from prison stay out.

via the NY Times: “A Texas Prosecutor Faces Justice”

A bit of justice for Texas residents: Ken Anderson, former district attorney in Williamson County, Texas will be held accountable for alleged “prosecutorial misconduct.” According to Pamela Colloff in the Texas Monthly, Anderson “routinely asked for, and won, harsh sentences and fought to keep offenders in prison long after they became eligible for parole.”

Blewett School in St. Louis, Missouri is an innovative concepts academy– a last resort school for kids that have been expelled from school. Photo by Richard Ross.

via Reclaiming Futures: “Can Music Help Transform the Juvenile Justice System?”

This post by Reclaiming Futures recaps on a current study by Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute to explore the impact and potential of music of reach and affect youth in the juvenile justice system.

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  1. I wish the people in power could read the “how to cut the costs” article. We have as many solutions as problems

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