Via the Lexington Herald-Leader: “Court considering Miranda warning for students”
 The Kentucky Supreme Court is considering a case that would require school officials to read Miranda rights to students being questioned. But the question that arises here is why are problems at school being dealt with using the criminal justice system?

Via “Healing Words: Creative Writing Programs as Therapy for Kids in Detention” 
Instructor at Coosa Valley Youth Services encourages creative writing from her students and posts their work on a blog:, enabling them to read their work after their release and share it with family and friends.
via Models for Change: “Social Networking Guide – Using Social Media to Tell Our Stories” 
Some advice from the venerable Models for Change from their conference this week about how to get the most from your social media venues.

via Models for Change: “Models for Change Update 2012: Headlines” 
Familiarize yourself with the latest work from Models for Change. From the website: “Models for Change has been an effort to provide what it takes to support and grow comprehensive, organic change in multiple jurisdictions with varying histories, resources, strengths and needs—thereby creating a broad and fl exible range of system reform models to be studied and shared across the country.”

7th Annual Models for Change Conference 2012. Image courtesy of Models for Change.
via “Foundation Strives to Create Legacy for Juvenile Justice Reform”
JJIE’s recap on the MacArthur Foundation funded Models for Change Conference which took place this last Monday and Tuesday. This year the Conference focused on storytelling and collaboration as a means to effect juvenile justice system reform. Juvenile In Justice photographs were exhibited at the event and we were in attendance. It was a stunning summit of energy and passion.


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