Today is the LAST DAY!

GO see the Juvenile-in-Justice Exhibition at Ronald Feldman Gallery!

Tell all your friends: Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, 31 Mercer St. NY, NY 10013 


NY TIMES writes:“Conceptually, the show is a sobering trip down the dead-end street that is America’s prison system. Visually, it’s as gripping as any art around, and, in Mr. Ross’s book, comes with a memorable epigraph by Booker T. Washington: “The study of art that does not result in making the strong less willing to oppose the weak means little.”

The New Yorker Magazine writes: “The big color portraits are blunt documents—cold and effective. Cells are stripped bare, often outfitted with little more than a shelf to sleep on and a toilet; the occupants—boys and girls, some as young as ten—turn away from the camera or have had their faces digitally obscured to insure their privacy. On wall labels, some of the inmates recount their stories. Though few claim to be innocent, none deserve to be in the hell pictured here.”

Today is the last day! Grab your friends and go see some powerful art.

Ronald Feldman Gallery, 31 Mercer Street, SoHo, NY, NY.


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