“I think they cursed me when they named me…They should have named me Devil. Nobody comes to visit me here. Nobody. I have been here for eight months. My mom is being charged with aggravated prostitution. She wanted me to have sex for money and give her the money…the money was for drugs and men. I was always trying to prove something to her…prove that I was worth something. Mom left me when I was four weeks old—abandoned me. My “father” died—his heart stopped. He had done a lot of drugs. His wife committed suicide two days later. He wasn’t really my dad. I lived with my grandmother for about a year. They had my mom away from me…she was doing heroin and crack. I don’t do drugs. Don’t really like them. There are no charges against me. I’m here because I am a material witness and I ran away a lot.

I was always trying to prove something to her…prove that I was worth something.

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There is a case against my pimp. He is out on signature bond. He was my care worker when I was in a group home. The case has continued a lot so I am here. They are scared I am going to run away and they need me for court. When I was in a foster home I started doing the easiest thing I knew how to do to get some money. I don’t want to testify against him because I knew what I was doing and he just helped me do it. Yeah I was 14, but I knew what I was doing. My mom’s a mess. It’s not really her fault. She does what she has to do to make herself look better. She plays a good person and says I’m horrible to her. I love her more than anybody in the world. I was raised to believe you don’t walk away from a person so I try to fix her.

I’m refusing all my visits because I am tired of being lied to.

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I stole from my grandma when I was in her custody. I was so horrible to her and everyone else…so they all believe I am trying to ruin everybody’s life. Everybody hates me right now. Everybody thought I lied about my Mom. She is real manipulative. When I was 12 my Mom was charged with child endangerment. I’ve been in and out of foster homes. They put you in SRS custody if you are neglected. They put me in there when they went to my house and found no running water, no electricity.  The JJA is the corrections authority for kids but I need protection. I ran away so much that they moved me from temporary to permanent JJA custody. My Mom called me and tried to give me a guilt trip. I’m refusing all my visits because I am tired of being lied to.”

B.B., age 17, Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Facility, Wichita, Kansas

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  1. Our system is so incredibly broken yet no one cares. All i see on the news is celebritys and yet this child is in jail so a prosecutor can get a conviction. She is being victimized from all sides. I cant help but feel this is all related to for profit prisons. Because we all know where these incredibly damaged kids are heading. Yet instead of helping them we decided to build prisons for kids that way the corporations dont need to wait for her to come of age to make there profit. Its 911 today and I am still ashamed ro be an american.

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