“From age one to seven I lived on the reservation.  Age ten to fifteen lived in Tacoma.  Went to school until sixth grade. Started going back a little bit, but I got locked up at fifteen-and-a-half. Mostly for assaults and running away.  On probation till sixteen then locked up.  Charges – running away from foster homes, group homes.  Nobody’s visited me for over two years. Just my social workers.  My mom and dad both live in Tacoma about an hour away.  I was in a foster home from age seven.  My parents lost custody at one-and-a-half years. They left me for drugs.

Green Hill School  Marybeth Queral, Superintendent 375 S.W. 11th Street Chehalis, WA 98532 Phone (360) 748-0131 July 16th 2013

I was placed with my step dad on the reservation when I was a year-and-a-half old, with my baby sister.  She was an infant.  My mom and I are in contact.  She’s sober, but we still argue.  My dad’s in Tacoma, I’ve talked to him but he has three others to look after – they’re my brothers and sisters.  I went to tribal court and I came in with up-to-four years.  I got two years in juvie and then I had four custodial assaults and staff assaults.  Actually two assault ones, that’s the highest level of assault.  They were against kids.  I was intoxicated…weed, pills. I was in lots of treatments. I succeeded in one, the other I got arrested out of. I think it was Daybreak, out of Vancouver.  It was for threatening another youth.”

-E.T., age 17, Green Hill School, Chehalis, Washington

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