by Richard Ross

What’s more important? Returning to the same institution after 40 years (gasp); or working full time to create a booklet that highlights effective alternatives to juvenile detention?

I plan to place such a booklet in the courtroom of every juvenile and family court judge or public defender in the country. Every. Single. One.

I will also be working with advocates of individual state policies to create something similar to explain proposed legislation to benefit kids. We hope to have a similar state-specific booklet on the desk of all those voting on legislation regarding kids.

Additionally, the newfound time will be spent creating a children’s book entitled My Brother’s in Juvie to help those siblings and families who have, or have had, incarcerated kids. It will touch on the circumstances that can bring kids into the system, and the means to navigate away from the juvenile justice system toward a more positive future.

Or, should I just return to University of California for Year 41?

It’s time to move forward with a focus on more important goals.

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