Dick Wolf has it wrong. There are not ‘two sides to the criminal justice system…those that fight crime and those that prosecute the offenders.’ In fact there is a third side that goes less noticed until problems arise. This is the world of corrections.

We house and hold the accused and the convicted. Our role is to give them a safe environment and produce them to the proper authorities when summoned or when their time of commitment is over.

– Captain E. Rodrigruez, Director, Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center 1300 bed facility including 86 juveniles.

Institutions such as TGK give juveniles three meals a day (plus snacks) and a dependable roof over their heads that may be lacking in their “outside” upbringing. The question remains is a secure, lock-down facility the best institution we can offer to provide these basics? Is there a reasonable expectation of this level of support for a youth in the home and family that can be supported by agencies other than the criminal justice system?

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