“It’s my first time here. I’m accused of sexually molesting my 5-year-old brother. My grandparent and parents visit on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday. Mom is a nurse. Dad a car mechanic. He quit that and is now trying to be a salesman. It was kind of scary when I first got here. I was put in a suicide suit. I had to wear it for four days. That’s kind of crazy. Everybody else has it for one or two nights. Now I’m pretty much used to it here. I’m going to be here another month or two. I have a trial in a couple weeks. May have a court date after that. So I am in here at least another 3 weeks. Yesterday I figured out they put my 11 year old sister into a temporary foster home. I don’t know why. I’m the oldest.

I was put in a suicide suit. I had to wear it for four days. That’s kind of crazy.

Wyandotte_KS-6When I first came in I didn’t talk to anybody. Then I saw my family and they told me I should interact with a lot of the other kids and read a lot and keep myself busy. That’s when I started crying. I didn’t even realize I was crying until the staff started asking me if I was OK. I couldn’t remember when I started  crying. They may send me to the CAT in Topeka for nine years, but my defender is trying to get a deal so I won’t have to do jail time. I was playing ping-pong [before he was interviewed.] I am pretty evenly matched with this other kid. We go to 50 and then decided to go to 100. This is my first offense. There were no charges against my Mom or Dad. I don’t know why they took my sister away. I’m hoping to get into counseling and house arrest or something. I’m in 8th grade. Wasn’t doing great but now I’m doing better.”

-B.D., age 14, Wyandotte County Juvenile Detention Center

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