When an institution is classified as a ‘secure facility’ this is what that looks like. From top to bottom: Metro Youth Services in Dorchester, MA; Fulton Treatment Center in Fulton, MO and New Beginnings Youth Development Center in Laurel, MD and their various secure set-ups. At Metro Youth Services, in the first image, the fence is topped with a combination of coiled concertina wire and straight barbed wire. Metro’s set up is relatively simple compared to the perimeter of New Beginnings in the last image. New Beginnings, built in the last couple of years is lined with a complex assortment of razor wires. Both of these exteriors stand in stark contrast to the fence at the Fulton Treatment Center which curves inward and is topped with a climb-proof wire mesh– a less menacing alternative for children. Another option is to eliminate the fence entirely. At Red Hook Residential Treatment Center in Red Hook, NY, which we’ll look at later this week, there is no fence.

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