I was brought here by transporters–been here 13 days. I have to wear this red jumpsuit because I’m a “flight risk.”

I’m from San Jose. I live with my mother, stepdad, and three sisters. I don’t get along with my stepdad. He’s a contractor. Mom stays at home. I’m a sophomore in high school. Basically, at home I smoke weed, hate school, and just focus a lot on my music. I play guitar–any and every genre. I wasn’t skipping school. My mother doesn’t know me very well. My parents are divorced. I’m more like my dad– something my mom doesn’t like so I just don’t listen to her—she goes against me all the time. My mother hasn’t written me. I am just doing my work. All I want to do is get out of here.

– P.C, age 15

Red Cliff Ascent is a privately owned Wilderness camp outside Springville, Utah. The kids go out into the wilderness and stay there until they are able to build a fire, usually a month. They sleep away from any shelters and live a generally frontier existence. A typical scenario used to involved parents refinancing their homes to pay for the program. Since the sub-prime mortgage meltdown people don’t have the ability to refinance anymore. 

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