I have a 2 1/2  year-old son and a 4 1/2 month-old daughter. I’ve been here 25 days. My mother brings the children for me to visit.

I’ve been here 11 days detention and now 14 days assessment. This is my 1st visit here. I was under house arrest and then I violated parole by leaving the state. Stealing. My parents are divorced,. I had a bad UA while on parole. I did terrible at school. My mother is in her late 30s. She had to quit her job working in construction to fill in for me as child care. We were from Minnesota, but the Minnesota system failed us in terms of defining a young girl in trouble and being able to help me. We  couldn’t get treatment for me in Minnesota…they wouldn’t recognize my problems until they were way out of control. So now I am North Dakota.

-S.S. age 17, North Dakota Youth Correctional Center, Bismarck, North Dakota.

North Dakota Youth Correction Center in Bismarck, North Dakota has a maximum capacity of 126. The population is held in 4 cottages, one cottage is girls, one is high risk and sex offenders. The average age is 16. There are over 100 staff on campus. The center is the most secure in the state.

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