Richard Ross has devoted ten years of his life to documenting America’s hidden gulag of 71,000 teenagers in lockdown and solitary confinement.  His photographs are eloquent and deeply upsetting.  In person, Richard gives these raw and finely crafted images many more dimensions, offering back stories, and the kinds of human insight that are so tragically missing from so much of the juvenile justice system.  His boldness, surprising humor, quiet candor, and steady gaze are unforgettable, and audiences come away from his presentations chastened, moved, and themselves emboldened.  

— Peter Sellars, Theatre Director, Professor, UCLA

Upcoming, current, & recent

University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, March 2018
Caine College of the Arts, Logan, Utah, April 2017
Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois, March 2016
Georgia State University (Solitary Confinement), Atlanta, Georgia, March 2016
Clark Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, April 2016
Inliquid, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 2016 (during the Democratic National Convention)
Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, October 2016

Bring Juvenile in Justice to your community

We aim for every exhibition space to act as a community meeting place and hope to work to integrate programming with real social impact into the show (i.e. expungement clinics, stakeholder panel discussions, community resource workshops, etc). In prior exhibitions we have collaborated with local agencies to host expungement clinics, stakeholder panel discussions, community resource workshops, and more.

Our goal is to foster collaboration between various disciplines including social engagement, journalism, women’s studies, black studies, chicano studies, education, sociology, social work, law and art.

Optional Audio Component

In addition to a custom selection of  prints to be displayed, the exhibition can be paired with audio from interviews with kids in detention and dependency all over the country. From a simple point installation of an iPad on the wall with a selection of on-demand audio clips to an ambient recording playing around the room, we can work with your institution to find the most effective way to incorporate these important stories.

For more samples of possible audio choices, please visit our SoundCloud profile.

For inquiries contact:

Speaking Arrangements

NHSJ Meeting

Speaking Fee: $3,000
Note: Can be scheduled during an exhibition.

Domestic Exhibitions

Rental Fee: $3,000
Works Included: ~ 50 Prints (24″x36″/38″x24″)
Shipping: one crate approx. 50 pounds. Nominal shipping cost.
Installation: unmated and unframed, hung with bull dog clips or pushups
Space Required: approx. 250 running feet

International Exhibitions

Rental + Speaking Fee (excluding airfare): Contact us
Works Included: ~ 50 Prints (24″x36″/38″x24″)
Shipping: one crate approx. 50 pounds. Nominal shipping cost.
Installation: unmated and unframed, hung with bull dog clips or pushups
Space Required: approx. 250 running feet


Richard Ross’s presence at Harvard Law School was nearly as riveting as the photographs he displayed.  Those photographs allowed us to create an array of collaborating sponsors we have never seen before and Richard’s presentation of materials, so seamlessly connected to the substantive matters of concern to our audience, was a prime example of the power of artistic expression as an entry way to social consciousness.

— Kaia Stern, Ph.D., Harvard Law School

To accompany the exhibition our community gained an immeasurable benefit of Ross’s firsthand account of his travels and experiences with incarcerated youth. His series of photographs offers a geographical range to the circumstances and conditions amassed in photographic form. We are, after all, immersed in a visual culture, and Richard Ross knows the potency of the language of reality, though sometimes harsh  and severe to the point of disbelief. Audiences are truly moved to dialogue that precedes being moved to action.

— William Dooley, University of Alabama

While Richard Ross’ photos are worth a thousand words and more, it was even more powerful to have him speak to our students, faculty, and community members about his process and experiences with our young people throughout this country.  As one of my students reflected after hearing Ross speak, “Now that I know, I can’t pretend I don’t know.”  The talk was the culminating event that really moved people into action and brought the photos alive.

— Maisha Winn, University of Wisconsin

Richard Ross is a talented, engaging, and passionate speaker. Ross came to the University of Oregon in Spring 2015 to speak with my class about his important work which is the intersection of art, journalism, ethnic studies, and law. My students were blown away and inspired to take action. He opened their eyes to a world they didn’t realize was right in their own community.

— Alison Ho, University of Oregon