With appallingly high rates of abuse in their histories, exploitation around every corner, and a very different set of needs once ‘inside,’ girls are brought into the juvenile justice system by a unique set of social forces and experience incarceration much differently than boys.

Girls in Justice, the follow up to Juvenile-in-Justice, turns our focus specifically to girls in the system, and not a moment too soon. While the number of youth in the juvenile justice system has steadily declined, girls are a growing share of youth arrested, detained and committed.

A rare, multidimensional look at these girls’ vulnerable lives, Girls-in-Justice (The Book) speaks to the unique issues they face with both hard-hitting words and images. Essays from some of the top girls’ criminology scholars and advocates in the U.S. give readers a picture of their work with young women in the system as well as cold, hard facts about the issue. Below is a digital preview, the full book in print is available at our store.