Guardian Scholars: A Model for Change

California State Bill 967 gives the resources to dependency kids, coming out of the foster care system to get room, board and tuition paid for at institutions of higher learning. We are interviewing these students around California to understand the turning points, people and events that often challenged them and at other times allowed them to not only survive but thrive. Our goal is to find if these positive markers are not only identifiable, but also replicable.

With this information, we will be traveling to another state that supports this same population with emotional support groups, some funds but not the blanket that California provides. We will work with these former foster kids, now in higher education and join forces with social advocates to create a compelling body of stories that can be used to change state legislative priorities and improve funding to the California levels.

With this successful model for change…..we will take this campaign national.


“I was born on skid row. I don’t know why I wasn’t aborted. I can’t eat in front of you because I don’t know how to eat in public. My food source was Korea town dumpsters. I was morbidly obese in middle school. I had three different foster homes. In the second both myself and my best friend were abused. She killed herself last year and I should have done something to help her but I didn’t. I can’t forgive myself. I get supported room and board from the state but I supplement my income from on-line gaming. I have to cut back on that because I am a physics major. I came in at the last minute when I saw your posting and was curious why you would be doing this. I’m still unsure if I want to participate. I don’t like meetings.”  

-Guardian Scholar Male Sophomore Age 20