[Mother Jones] These Photos Show What Life Is Like for Girls in Juvenile Detention by richard ross

Last week,  wrote about Richard's work and featured some images on Mother Jones:

We confine and often demonize a group of kids who have been abused and violated by the very people who should be protecting and loving them," writes Ross, who also won a 2012 National Magazine Award for a photo collection on juvenile justice, in the preface. "These girls in detention and commitment facilities are further abused by an organized system that can't recognize or respond to their history and their needs…Is this the only solution we can offer?"



[Slate] What It’s Like to Be a Girl in America’s Juvenile Justice System by richard ross

Yesterday, Jordan Teicher published "What It’s Like to Be a Girl in America’s Juvenile Justice System" on Slate. The post contains nine of our images and a lovely interview by Jordan.

“We say, ‘It’s better than having them on the streets.’ But that doesn't address the issue of why their neighborhoods aren’t better places to live. Just by the zip codes they’re in. It’s more likely these kids will go to jail than college. The kid hasn’t failed; we’ve failed,” he said.

We are honored to be featured on Slate.